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Mining Power Generation Metals Industry Aggregates Bridge Industry and Others...

HMC is your absolute alternative to the OEM for replacement gears and much more. Our advanced technology in gear cutting, gear grinding and custom machining, results in longer lasting replacement parts and the highest quality components available anywhere in the world. Couple that with the fastest response & delivery times and with warranties unrivaled by any competitor, and you can see how HMC is the right choice for our customers wherever they may be on this Planet.

Our technologically advanced and modern gear cutting, grinding, machining and inspection equipment, are all capable of producing and verifying tolerances from AGMA 8 to AGMA 15, in any tooth configuration including Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Double Helical Gears (or Herringbone) on diameters up to 315 inches.

HMC's Advanced Technology Replacement Components do last longer and pass the true test - "The Test of Time".

Contact us for the fastest turnaround times for Emergency Services/Repairs in the business!

HMC Gears • 3010 S. Old US Hwy. 41 • Princeton, IN • 47670 • 866-990-9462

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